Thursday, December 22, 2011

10 Random Thoughts

Okay I have sort of been missing in action for a few days. Have been spending some quality time with my Grandson.

I have decided to post a list of 10 random thoughts that don't actually merit their own posts but need released out into the Ethernet so I can quit thinking about them.

1) My Mom was right, being a Grandma is the reward for all that hard work raising your kids.

2) Why is it that when you are sick you feel so much worse at night?

3)  How do they get the non stick coating to stick to the pan?

4)  Exactly why is it that people live on the Space Station?

5)  If you ask someone, does this make me look fat? you pretty much know the answer already.

6)  Am seriously considering dropping my cable service and using my computer to watch tv.

7) On those reality tv shows where the police are interviewing people why don't the people getting questioned ask for a lawyer? Don't they ever watch those reality police shows?

8)  Why are the lights on police cars blue and red?

9) Why do fat chance and slim chance both mean the same thing?

10) If someone uses a bar of soap does the next person that uses the bar of soap get germs from the last person that used the soap?


  1. Interesting random thoughts. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. ive often wondered those same things, weird....

  3. I have another one, how many people does it take to eat something and die before someone says whoa that must be poison?

  4. @Starlight @Doria @ Shopgirl thanks for stopping by!